rle_array.dtype module

class RLEDtype(dtype: Any)

Bases: pandas.core.dtypes.base.ExtensionDtype

classmethod construct_array_type()Callable[[numpy.ndarray, numpy.ndarray], rle_array.array.RLEArray]

Return the array type associated with this dtype.


Return type


classmethod construct_from_string(string: str)rle_array.dtype.RLEDtype

Strict construction from a string, raise a TypeError if not possible.

property kind

A character code (one of ‘biufcmMOSUV’), default ‘O’

This should match the NumPy dtype used when the array is converted to an ndarray, which is probably ‘O’ for object if the extension type cannot be represented as a built-in NumPy type.

See also


property name

A string identifying the data type.

Will be used for display in, e.g. Series.dtype

property type

The scalar type for the array, e.g. int

It’s expected ExtensionArray[item] returns an instance of ExtensionDtype.type for scalar item, assuming that value is valid (not NA). NA values do not need to be instances of type.